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In order to export, to be able to communicate in English is prerequisite. If you have just understood this sentence, congratulations. We are ready to continue. If not, you will have to devote a few hours of study over the international language of business.

Most probably is that there will be (or should be) someone who speaks English wherever you export. This will open the door to almost all the markets on the planet, although in later negotiations you can use translators, English is the main language used in the first impressions with potential clients.

Today, we will see a collection of the most used words in international trade, as well as general business vocabulary. They are divided by topic and have a corresponding translation into Spanish:

BUSINESS Asset Activo
BUSINESS Bar chart Gráfico de columnas
BUSINESS Budget Presupuesto anual
BUSINESS Estimate Presupuesto aproximado, estimación
BUSINESS Gross profit Beneficio bruto
BUSINESS Inventory (US) Inventario (Inglés americano)
BUSINESS Liability Pasivo
BUSINESS Line graph Gráfico de línea
BUSINESS Mark-up Margen (generalmente expresado en %)
BUSINESS Net profit Beneficio neto
BUSINESS Pie chart Gráfico de círculos
BUSINESS Turnover Facturación
PRODUCT Certificate of Origin Certificado de Origen
PRODUCT Certificate of Quality Certificado de Calidad
PRODUCT Certification Certificación
PRODUCT Client Cliente
PRODUCT Commercial invoice Factura
PRODUCT Convenience goods Producto barato y de uso cotidiano
PRODUCT Customer Cosumidor
PRODUCT Delivery Entrega
PRODUCT Delivery terms Plazos de entrega
PRODUCT Delivery time Tiempo de envío
PRODUCT Fixed costs Costes fijos
PRODUCT Goods Bienes o mercancía
PRODUCT Gross weight Peso bruto
PRODUCT Guarantee (UK) Garantía (Inglés británico)
PRODUCT Health Certificate Certificado Sanitario
PRODUCT Healthcare products Productos saludables
PRODUCT Net weight Peso neto
PRODUCT Official approval Homologación
PRODUCT Order Pedido
PRODUCT Packing List Lista de Contenido
PRODUCT Perishable goods Productos perecederos
PRODUCT Product line, range Líne de productos
PRODUCT Product portfolio Catálogo de productos
PRODUCT Pro-forma invoice Factura pro-forma
PRODUCT Proposal Oferta
PRODUCT Quotation Presupuesto para un pedido en concreto
PRODUCT Requirement Requisito
PRODUCT Retailers Minorista
PRODUCT Sample Mercancía de prueba
PRODUCT Selling price Precio de venta
PRODUCT Standardization Normalización
PRODUCT Trade barriers Barreras comerciales
PRODUCT Warrant (US) Garantía (Inglés americano)
PRODUCT Wholesalers Mayorista
MARKET RESEARCH Booth, stand Puesto, parada, cabina
MARKET RESEARCH Trade Show, Trade Fair Feria Internacional
LOGISTICS Shrink wrap Retractilado
LOGISTICS Unit load Unidad de Carga
TRANSPORTS Agent, ship broker Corredores de buques y cargas
TRANSPORTS Breakbulk cargo Carga Fraccionada
TRANSPORTS Bunker Adjustament Factor (BAF) Factor de Ajuste de Combustible
TRANSPORTS Carrier Porteador
TRANSPORTS Charter Fletamiento
TRANSPORTS Charterer Fletador
TRANSPORTS Consignee Destinatario o consignatario
TRANSPORTS Currency Adjustament Factor (CAF) Factor de Ajuste de Moneda
TRANSPORTS Forwarder Transitario
TRANSPORTS Freight Flete
TRANSPORTS Freight consolidador Consolidador
TRANSPORTS Full Load Carga Completa
TRANSPORTS Liner Línea Regular
TRANSPORTS Port of discharge Puerto de descarga
TRANSPORTS Port of loading Puerto de carga
TRANSPORTS Shipowner, Shipper Naviero, armador
TRANSPORTS Stevedore Estibadores, cargadores
TRANSPORTS Stowage Estiba
TRANSPORTS Transit Agency Agencias de Transporte
TRANSPORTS Vessel, Tramp Buque
INSURANCE Exchange risk guarantee Seguro de cambio
INSURANCE Insurance Beneficiary, payee Beneficiario
INSURANCE Insurance Coverage Cobertura
INSURANCE Insurance policy Póliza de seguro
INSURANCE Insurance premium Prima
INSURANCE Insured Asegurado
INSURANCE Insurer Asegurador
INSURANCE Loss Siniestro
INSURANCE Policyholder Tomador del seguro
INSURANCE Transport insurance Seguro de transporte
PAYMENTS Advance Payment Pago por adelantado
PAYMENTS Collecting bank Banco cobrador
PAYMENTS Confirming bank Banco confirmador
PAYMENTS Issuing bank Banco Emisor
PAYMENTS Letter of credit Carta de crédito
PAYMENTS Clean collection Cobro simple
PAYMENTS Documentary credit Crédito documentario
PAYMENTS Document of title Documento o título negociable
PAYMENTS Bills for collection Efectos en gestión de cobro
PAYMENTS Bill of exchange Letra de cambio
PAYMENTS Payment Pago
PAYMENTS Terms of payment Condiciones de pago
CUSTOMS Consular invoice Factura consular
CUSTOMS Custom Aduana
CUSTOMS Custom invoice Factura aduanera
CUSTOMS Dangerous goods declaration Carta de porte de mercancías peligrosas
CUSTOMS Tariff Arancel
CUSTOMS TRQ, Tariff Quota Contingente Arancelario

I hope that will be useful for you.

See you in the next post, this time in spanish as usual.

PD: Esta entrada va dedicada al reciente comprador de mi libro. El sabrá quién es 🙂


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