An eBook About How to Learn International Trade

Due to the great reception of my best-seller «Exportar es Fácil… Si Sabes Cómo«, I’ve decided to translate it into English, available now on Amazon. This book is having a great reception too, and I have to say thank you to the people who have acquired the book even before of their marketing release annoucement. A great eBook About How to Learn International Trade

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¿Quieres profundizar en comercio internacional? Conoce mis libros

This book is an useful smart guide to deal with our first exports. In it appears everything we must keep in mind to sell abroad.

Exporting Is Easy… If You Know How. Chapters.

The book describes the entire export cycle, since we have the idea of exporting until we receive the payment of the order. It is divided into the following chapters:

01. FINANCING (Financial Instruments)

02. PREPARING THE PRODUCT (Commercial and technical barriers, documentation)

03. MARKET RESEARCH AND TRADE FAIRS (digital marketing, social networks, international context, selection of markets and trade fairs)

04. INCOTERMS (What are INCOTERMS and their types)

05. LOGISTICS (International packaging, ways of grouping merchandise)

06. TRANSPORT AND INSURANCE (types of transport, insurance and relative documentation)

07. INTERNATIONAL TRADE AND BUSINESS ENGLISH (vocabulary and expressions used in international negotiations, specific vocabulary related to foreign trade in English).

08. THE BUSINESS TRAVEL (what to consider in a business trip, protocol and ways to negotiate in Australia, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, Spain, UK and USA).

09. INTERNATIONAL CONTRACTS (pre-contract documentation, most frequently contractual forms internationally, both tangible, intangible and direct investment).

10. MEANS OF PAYMENT AND RISK COVERAGE (Personal check, bank draft, remittance, documentary credit, bank transfers and other means of payment, commercial, monetary, political and extraordinary risks, Insurance Companies, Factoring, Forfaiting).

11. CUSTOMS AND INTERNATIONAL TAXATION (Customs, Community Customs Territory, Customs Tariffs, Customs Valuation Methods, Customs Controls, EU Trade Policy, Generalized System of Preferences, Intra-Community Operations, VAT Management within and outside the EU, Special regimes, reverse change system, triangular transactions, excise duties, etc.)

What Is More…

In addition, the book includes a series of fully corrected practical exercises regarding financing, logistics, transport and insurance costs, e-mail and formal letter writing in English, exchange and option insurance, tariff and VAT management in international operations.

Finally, a keywords compilation is also included with the most relevant words used in foreign trade.

In conclusion, a practical guide for initiates and not so initiated in international business that you cannot miss.